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John Farmer music


1968-1971 John played in various local bands including Sandgate, Lonely and played alongside Doug Bainbridge, (later of Moon) in Minotaur.

1971-1972 The Steve Brown Band, Mk.1 with Steve Brown and Doug Bainbridge. The S.B.B. Mk.1 recorded an album for Transatlantic Records; never released.

1972 The Mexico Showband, a North East CIU Club act which worked through Birchall’s Agency. The Mexico Showband played up to 7 nights per week at the peak of the CIU Club scene in the North East.

1973-1977 The Steve Brown Band Mk2. For details see Jeffrey Barak’s website (links page)

1977-1978 Thunderstreet with Mick Whittaker, Gowan Turnbull and Les Dodd. Two recordings, lost to history.

1977-1979 The Squad. Toured extensively. Recorded the album, ‘Out For Revenge’. The band imploded as it was on the brink of wider acclaim and greater success due to creative differences.

1980-1984 Lull in the musical proceedings.

1985 Ménage Club Band with Kevin Appleton (who later became a Ghostdancer).

1988 Recorded solo album Bass Sketches.

1989 Recorded solo album Northumbria(suite for bass guitar).

Late 1989-1990 Stripped Down Trio with Jeffrey Barak (drums) and Tony Hall (sax). Recorded Bassic History. The band rehearsed extensively but never gigged as the sax player was unable to fulfil the performance schedules.

1991 Recorded ‘Four Track From Hell’. Performed with Jeffrey Barak (drums) and Alan Ramshaw (guitar).

1992 Recorded and performed ‘Ded Gud’ with Steve Brown Band Mk.4

1993 Played live with The Big Clocks, Dave Coulson’s band.

1994-2000 Formed Pink Cadillac with Claire Taylor (vocals).

Formed The Road Rockets with Claire Taylor, Bruce and Tim McDonald and Kevin Appleton.

Formed The Blues Corporation with Claire Taylor, John Dickens and Kevin Appleton. Recorded and released; Live at the BBC’ and ‘Music from the Other Side of the Tracks’ credited to Primitive North East.

2000 to present day Ghostdancers with Dave Coulson, playing live and releasing 4 CD’s:

1) ‘Tortured Road’

2) ‘Land Of Big Guitars’

3) ‘Noise Of The World’

4) ‘Ballads And Urban Legends, vol. 2

Ghostdancers played extensively throughout the North East, using various drummers including Phil Outram, Steve Nesbitt, Steve Ellis and Kevin Appleton.

2014   ‘Now As Then’.                           Release December 2013

2015   ‘Two Tone Zodiac’.                    Release June 2015

2015   ‘Garage Trash’.                           Release January 2016

2016   ‘November Songs’.                     Release July 2016

2017   ‘Rocking In Space’.                     Release June 2017

2017   ‘The Blues Of Charlie Patton’.    Release October 2017

2019   ‘Searching The Blue Horizon’.    Release August 2019