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The Squad    Feb - April 1978

Restored Live Performance and Rehearsal 2 Track Tapes.

Whenever The Squad performed Stu Burns would record the sessions on a TEAC 4 track tape machine. Later on he would mix the results onto a 2 track Revox tape machine. These tapes are from Feb – April 1978 and were discovered in an attic of the home of Mandy Barak, Jefferey’s mum, about 2004. The quality is variable and some are mono mixes.

What they show is the preparation for the album Out For Revenge and the way The Squad operated as a power trio. They were ahead of their time, a precursor to the metal and grunge that came later in the 80’s.

The Squad were initially a song oriented band, such as Hey Gene, Fire On The River, Inter City Streets and Slaughter Of The Innocents but, as the band became more guitar heavy, the fabric of the compositions disappeared.

The album Out For Revenge lost most of its musicality when remixed by Stu Burns just before it was pressed. It became guitar heavy, brash and, at times difficult to listen to. Out For Revenge was released in Feb 1979 but The Squad had already played their last concert at the Guildhall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England in December 1978.

R.I.P. The Squad.



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